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An amazing 70% approximately of UK adults still don't have a Will!

If you don't have a Will - then you should read this because without a Will...

  • The state decides who will get your money and property.
  • Your spouse will not necessary inherit everything you own, especially if you have children - see Intestacy Rules.
  • Unmarried partners may get nothing from their partner's estate and home!
  • If your spouse re-marries, their new partner and children may inherit before your children. Your children may not inherit anything!
  • Disabled children inheriting a substantial amount could lose all their state benefits!
  • If you die in an accident, any compensation may go to the wrong people - or even the state!
  • Your share of the family home may have to be sold to pay for future care costs for your spouse or partner
  • Inadequate tax planning could mean the Inland Revenue receive money that your family should have

Now is the time to act to solve these problems and to secure your family's future...
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How we work

We will guide you through all the information you need to give us to enable us to prepare your Will. Important information that we will need, in addition to who you want to inherit in your Will, is who will be your executors and the guardians of your children (if applicable).

We will prepare a draft of your Will which we send you for your approval and so you can ask any questions prior to us producing the final document.

We will supervise the attestation (signing) of your Will at no additional cost

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