Why you should store your Will safely

Having taken the decision to make your Will, it is wise to think where to store it.  Most people think it is good enough to store it in the home, either in a safe or in a box with other important documents. Other people think that because the Will Writer produced he can create another copy that is valid.

A Will is a legal document and if it is lost or destroyed in a fire then you will no longer have a valid Will.

The following story gives another scenario that could happen.

Mr W lived alone in council house which he rented.  He was 85 and had one son and one daughter.  The siblings were at loggerheads with one another, having not for 5 years.  It was the son’s fault so Mr W decided to write him out of his Will.  He did not want to pay for storage for his new Will and decided to keep in the box with all the other papers.

Mr W died in hospital after suffering a stroke.  The son took it upon himself to arrange the funeral and deal with his affairs.  Going through the papers he found the Will and obviously did not like what he read so he destroyed it.

Because his estate was small, probate was not required and the son was able to gather in his father's estate and pay the bills  Mr W had saved a lot of cash in the box with his papers!  Instead of dividing the cash with his sister he kept all the money for himself. No one knew about the cash or could prove there was any cash in the house at all.

What happened was not what Mr W wanted to happen and was totally due to his unwise decision to not to pay for storage and to keep it in the house.

The sister did think there may have been money kept in the house but could not prove anything.
Will Makers of Ashton recommends storing a Will with Kings Court Trust Corporation, where it is secure and safe from activity such as above.  Each Will is delivered only to the Executor upon production of a Death Certificate and permission from Will Makers of Ashton..


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