Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It is surprising how some people detail what they want to happen at their funeral when they die. They can also be surprised when they find out how much they have risen in cost over the year, and particularly when compared what their savings earn in a Bank or Building Society account.

The two main reasons why people consider a funeral plan are cost planning and the peace of mind that they get the service they want.

By paying for a plan now it is at today’s cost, with funeral directors fees guaranteed to be paid in full. Disbursements allowance is increased in line with. The average cost of a funeral in the year 2000 was £1,250 and by 2013 it had increased to £3,600. The cost of funerals is increasing well above the rise in inflation by 2020 could have risen by another £2,000.  You get the peace of mind of knowing it is paid for and you can still leave your family all your other assets.

You can specify your funeral service complete, which can include: the type of coffin, order of service, hymns and music and choices of where to be buried or the ashes scattered. Your family will know exactly what you want

Purchasing a funeral plan and fixing funeral costs at today's prices means that there is more inheritance for your children.


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